Haley and Tim are deep diving life after college. The ups, the downs and the wonderfully large gray area where life gets funny. On the podcast and blog you’ll hear about their personal experience as well as the experience of fellow listeners.

Life After College – A Film by the LAC Crew

Why we’re doing this

Tim and Haley on commencement day standing in front of the flags of Eswatini, USA and Australia.

You know, “Commencement” is aptly named. You’re graduating college and starting the rest of your life. After years and years in classrooms, you’re (finally!) stepping into the real world.

Some immediately land that dream job with too much money and unlimited vacation for them and everyone they’ve ever known. Others, however, will need to think about student loans stalking ’em like wolves for years after graduating…

Life after college will be different for everyone, and will amost certainly be slightly different to what we thought it would be like. The post-grad courses are delayed until next year because we have other things going on; our part time jobs aren’t full time enough; or a global pandemic puts us in yet another recession.

Our mission here is to take our stories – and our listeners’ stories – and share ’em with others. It’s awesome. We hope you listen to every single podcast with voracity and tell the world about it.

Hopefully our humorous (US spelling, sorry y’all) and at times poignant insights will help listeners’ approach the following days with uplifted spirits. You know? You know.